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Geoff Morrison

Geoff MorrisonGeoff Morrison is a classically trained farrier.  Full-time since 2008, he uses the finest professional tools and equipment in his multidisciplinary practice.  He has clients in North Carolina’s Piedmont region and Central Virginia.  He routinely travels throughout the states to service his diverse client base.

As an engineer educator and life-long equine enthusiast, his career has evolved from rider to farrier, a role he views as a front line health care provider.  His work is multidisciplinary from dressage, hunters, three day eventers to endurance horses, walking horses, drafts and trail horses.  Each discipline offers unique learning opportunities that a single discipline farrier would not encounter.  He is a frequent writer with articles published in both the North Carolina Horseshoers’ Association Journal and the “Professional Farrier” magazine.

His work reveals a traditionalist view combined with the technical accuracy of a knowledgeable horseman.  His style is one of fierce pragmatism and a close scrutiny of new products and theories.  “My job depends very heavily on the ability to discern fad and gimmicks from genuine technological advances in the science of equine podiatry.”   Geoff has a solid reputation for endurance horses and eventers.  Many clients also trust his capabilities in therapeutic treatment of horses suffering with lameness.   He feels his close relationship with these truly majestic animals inspires him to the highest levels of professional achievement.

Geoff is a member of both the American Farriers’ Association and the North Carolina Horseshoers’ Association. He supports the tenants of education, certification, communication, research, and innovation.  His commitment to education requires review of AAEP research, and through continued professional reading and study he constantly strives to help horses perform at their optimal level with comfort and ease of movement.

Joe Eisen

Joe EisenIn 2011, Joe Eisen completed an introductory short course on horseshoeing at the University of Maryland taught by Mike Poe CJF. To build on that first step and to fill-out his education, he has been attending a continuing series of workshops, symposia, and podiatry clinics for theoretical learning – see his American Association of Professional Farriers (AAPF) profile for a complete listing), and undertaken apprenticeships for practical training; he began shoeing in earnest in 2015. Joe is a member of the AAPF and the North Carolina Horseshoers Association.

Joe’s prior 15 years experience managing health research data has given him a critical and skeptical eye when it comes to claims about best practices. Conventional wisdom in horseshoeing continues to evolve. Some fundamentals endure the changes due to positive results over time and confirmed scientific justification, and Joe works to focus on those in his hoof care. They include trimming to maintain a balanced hoof, minimizing distortions to the hoof wall, and applying shoes when hoof protection, support, correction, or traction are required. He remains eager, though cautious, to investigate new materials and techniques to see what part they may play in his practice.