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A Farrier that Loves Horses

The relationship is what matters!

The relationship between you and your horse is one of the truest, unconditional, nonjudgmental, and trusting that you know.  You love your horse and he/she deserves the very best care that you can provide.  Of course, you want excellence in hoof care for your horse, and a farrier who will listen to you and work with you.

When selecting the right farrier to provide for the care and the attention to detail that your horse deserves, there can be no substitute for the equine experts at Shod Steed. Since 2008 Shod Steed has provided the highest quality in horse shoeing and hoof care for horses throughout the central piedmont in North Carolina.

I love horses!  It is really that simple.  The comfort and freedom of movement for your horse is my highest priority.  I know that you have many options in choosing a farrier.

horse farrier with owner
*Dr. Kate Lombardi works with Geoff to develop a Hoof Care Strategic Plan

When you join the many equestrians who trust Shod Steed for their horses’ hoof care, you may know that I am honored to have that trust.  It is that trust that drives me to make my practice the very best in the business. Together we will work to ensure your horses well-being.