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Judy Morrison

As a prospective client, the first person you are likely to speak to is Judy.  Following retirement from a career in banking and financial services in January of 2017, Judy was recruited as the customer service and scheduling manager for Shod Steed, LLC.  She manages the schedule for the farriers, which allows them to focus on the clients and their horses.

Judy enjoys traveling throughout our beautiful state, learning about the area and meeting its many interesting people.  “I have found the people to be very friendly and accepting.  I have particularly enjoyed meeting and interacting with the equestrian community here in North Carolina.”  Judy is married and has 3 sons and 5 grandchildren.


Ashley King

Ashley was born in South Boston, VA.  She resides in Cedar Grove, NC with her loving husband, horses, and dogs.  She is a natural horsemanship trainer and has competed in the “Extreme Mustang Makeover” in Fort Worth Texas.  She holds multiple championship buckles in barrel racing and has made it the Finals round at the World Championships in 2020.  Ashley has a hunger to learn and grow in both knowledge and abilities each day.  She is excited to begin her farrier career as a part of the Shod Steed team.  Ashley believes in a “no hoof, no horse” approach and wants owner to be able to live life to the fullest and enjoy the ride!


Ezra Beckerdite

Ezra became fascinated with farriery when he was a young child. Learning to ride at age 5, he spent many hours in the barn watching horses and the people who worked with them. He showed his pony as an Open Hunter and in Carriage Driving. Eventually, he showed in the Saddle Seat and Pleasure Driving arenas with his Morgan mare.

As his interest in horses grew, so did his love of blacksmithing and metalworking. As a young adult, Ezra taught the Metalworking merit badge at Camp Raven Knob, a Scout BSA Camp. He was able to fund his Eagle Scout project with the sales of his hand-forged items. He was invited to be the guest Blacksmith at the Silk Hope Old Fashioned Farmer’s Days.

Ezra trimmed his first horse at the age of sixteen, and began working toward becoming a full-time farrier. He attended the Horseshoeing Introduction Intensive at Casey and Son Horseshoeing School and regularly participates in a local Farrier/Veterinarian round table discussions. Ezra is a member of the North Carolina Horseshoers Association.  With his natural passion for horses and their well-being and his love of moving and shaping metal, Ezra improves the lives of horses and their owners.

Geoff Morrison

Geoff MorrisonGeoff Morrison is a classically trained farrier, having trained under the instruction of two Certified Journeyman Farriers.  He serves clients in North Carolina’s Piedmont region.  As an engineer educator and life-long equine enthusiast, his career has evolved from rider to farrier, a role he views as a front-line health care provider.  His work is multidisciplinary from dressage, hunters, three-day eventers to endurance horses, walking horses, and trail horses.  Each discipline offers unique learning opportunities that a single discipline farrier would not encounter.

His work reveals a traditionalist view combined with the technical accuracy of a knowledgeable horseman.  His style is one of fierce pragmatism and a close scrutiny of new products and theories.  “My job depends very heavily on the ability to discern fad and gimmicks from genuine technological advances in the science of equine podiatry.”   Geoff has a solid reputation for endurance horses and eventers.  Geoff is often called upon for his capabilities in therapeutic treatment of horses suffering with lameness.   He feels his close relationship with these truly majestic animals inspires him to the highest levels of professional achievement.

Geoff is a member of both the American Farriers’ Association and the North Carolina Horseshoers’ Association. He supports the tenants of education, certification, communication, research, and innovation.  His commitment to education requires review of AAEP research, and through continued professional reading and study he constantly strives to help horses perform at their optimal level with comfort and ease of movement.