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Shod Steed named official farrier of the Raleigh Police Department

Author : geoff , Date : 1 August, 2012

It is with great pride that I now serve the citizens of Raleigh and the officers of the Mounted Police Unit.  These horses proudly work carrying their officers to ensure our safety downtown.  You may have seen them at one of many places downtown including City Market, Moore Square, Fayetteville Street, or at Pullen Park.  These four majestic horses, Ike the Buckskin Hanoverian, Major, the Spotted Draft, WIlliow the black Percheron, and the enormous Zeus the Drum Horse work hard every day patrolling the streets of Raleigh.

This kind of work load requires that the horses be sound and comfortable in their shoes, and yes they do get special shoes.  Walking the streets is concussive.  The “Smooth Walker” brand shoes have an inch of urethane rubber under the steel shank of the shoe.  This provides support, protection, and shock absorption to keep these equine officers “on the beat.”  The officers of Raleigh have many choices of fine farriers here in the Triangle.  I am proud to have been selected for this public service.  Seeing these law enforcement equine/officer teams gives me a deep satisfaction.  In an age of budget crunches many municipalities have retired their equine units.  We citizens of Raleigh should be proud of our mounted unit and the work that they do .  When downtown, look for these officers and tell them thanks for keeping us safe.

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