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Dover Saddlery and Ambivalence

Author : geoff , Date : 14 October, 2012

Hmmm!  I just received a “VIP invitation” to the reception for the grand opening of the new Dover Saddlery at Brier Creek.  Of course I will attend.  This business serves my client base, and I suppose that there is reason to be excited that the executives of the Massachusetts based company saw the equestrian community here as significant enough to merit a retail store.  It does speak very favorably of our thriving equestrian world here in the greater Triangle area, and it will likely be good for those of us in the world of horses.

Then why the ambivalence?  Well, just a few years ago we had a fantastic independent saddlery, tack, and feed supply retailer here in Raleigh who had grown his business and expanded into a new facility near triangle town center.  Of course I am speaking of Triangle Horse Sports.  Gilles and Christine were a tremendous asset to our community.  Not only did they run a first rate retail store, providing jobs and contributing to the tax base here in Raleigh, but they were legitimate equestrians who understood what it means to live with our equine partners.  They did business with integrity and a smile.  One always had a sense that they cared about their customers and truly appreciated our business.  When their business suddenly closed, I was very shocked and saddened.

I suppose this is the way of the world now, and I should get with the program accepting the inevitable spread of national brand box store retailers at the expense of independent local entrepreneurs.  I am just not there yet.  Maybe its just sentiment or maybe its because I like Gilles and Christine, who can say?  I am sure the November 8th reception at the Brier Creek Retail super duper center will be a good event.  I hope they prove to be a good citizen and an asset to our equestrian community here, and I hope to see you there with me at Dover Saddlery on that Thursday evening at 6 pm.

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